The Angel

The statue loomed over the whole cemetery. Bigger than a human, soft wings outstretched, looking down over the graves, his face full of sorrow, but strong. The angel was ready, she thought, she had always thought, to fight for the innocent ones. he would come down and cradle them up, wiping away their tears. He would hold them, like an infant, and carry them away.

The girl had thought this since she was little, when she would visit the cemetery with her mother.

And now, through the fog, she saw her family crowded around the hole, and the stone, it had her name on it. She didn’t know it until that moment, she didn’t know it was for her.

She looked up and the angel smiled, swooping down. She heard a silky flutter, as wings spread around her, shielding her from the grief.

And she whispered goodbye, and disappeared.



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