we could

you like what you’re told to like
you wear what you’re told to wear
you can’t think for yourself
because you’re taught not to
in high school.
your hair is like everyone else’s
your shoes are like everyone else’s
you look around
and you say
Yes, i will be like everyone else
because that is what boys want
and you are told
that’s all that matters.
So yearbook pictures
row after row
same after same
until the popular one gets blue hair
and like vultures circling a kill
you pounce
and then we drown
in blue hair.
But what if you thought for yourself?
what if you wore something else,
what if you did something else
with your life?
How many more Curie’s
How many more Brontë’s
How many more Earhart’s
could we have,
If we were just told
we could be different
we could be smart
and still be beautiful.


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