A Million Lives

I wonder how those women
that live only one life
growing up only once
only one chance to make the right decisions
and it is so impossible for anyone to get that right.
I, on the other hand
have lived a million lives:
dancing through green forests
swimming in turquoise waters
marrying kings
being alone and traveling the world
in the hospital with newborn twins
rescuing abandoned babies abroad.
And the beauty of my lives
is that when a mistake is made
while living them out
I simply reverse, change my mind, go back
and do it again.
That’s the beauty of it.
Any moment of any day
I can walk through my bedroom
only it’s a loft in NYC
I can drive my car
only it’s a jeep in the Andes
I can stand in the checkout line
only I’m standing on a red carpet.
And those other women
looking annoyed in the checkout line
envying other people
I see them, and I feel sorry
that they have no imagination for themselves
and only live one life.


2 thoughts on “A Million Lives

  1. Sad how quickly i have lost my own creative gene and the essence of that: imagination. Here’s to day dreaming ,taking a breath and then letting go. Xoxo

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