Friday Fictioneers – Old Roberto


It was too dark to read the music on the page. I saw my mistakes on the customer’s faces, their cringes with every wrong note I played. All in front of Old Roberto, my first time playing with him. He was a legend, recorded albums, played in all the good joints in the city. My idol. My hero. I wanted to be just like him.

And I blew it. I wanted to cry.

I sat at the bar, ready to drown my tears. And then the bartender slid me a gin and said, “don’t worry, Old Roberto won’t admit it, but he’s been stone deaf for years.”


Friday Fictioneers—a story in 100 words prompted by a photo that Rochelle posts every Wednesday. Photo Credit: Bjorn Rudberg.


26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Old Roberto

  1. As well as the ending, I like the mistakes being written on the faces of those listening. There are times I’ve heard “music” that made me wish I were, at least momentarily, stone deaf and some so loud I thought I was stone deaf.


  2. Dear Rachel,

    Such good descriptions. I felt his disappointment in himself and seeing it on the faces of the audience, whether real or imagined, was perfect pitch. The ending made me laugh out loud. 😀



  3. Hahahaha! Very good! Nothing makes it more embarrassing when doing music on stage and blowing it. And I’ll bet Old Roberto probably would have had a similar story early in his career, too.

    I liked this. It was nice. Thanks!

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