Friday Fictioneers – Punishment


She stood on the porch and watched the carriage disappear down the lane. He would never come back, though she thought they were a good match—in that their marriage would have resulted in significant financial gains for both families. She couldn’t figure what went wrong, she was a perfect lady.
It had to have been her maid, the house slave.
Upstairs, she cornered the maid, “I know it was you, you did something…”
“Ma’am?” the maid said, unknowing and innocent, but not surprised by her mistresses words.
“I will have you whipped,” she said. “Little devil. No slave of mine will get away with driving my suitors away.” And she ran from the room, not willing to let the maid see her cry.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories prompted by a picture that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts every Wednesday. Around 100 people participate, their stories and poems are brilliant; check them out here.


30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Punishment

  1. A great glimpse at a dark time – got a real picture of the situation here – the mercantile mistress (not interested in the man, but the money), the slave exerting the small revenges she has the power to achieve… really complex.

    • Complex indeed, though I didn’t realize just how complex until I read these comments. The reader’s are pointing things out that I didn’t even think about while writing this piece. –I love it when that happens 🙂

      Thank you !!

  2. It sounds like my experience with girls when I was a teenager. Only I had no one to blame except the dog, who simply wagged his tail at my accusations and slobbered on my shoes.

  3. A tormented mind; this leaves a lot of room for thought. Could be the beginning of a longer story. You’ve got a couple of characters here that could really be developed. To me, the “owner” is a little unstable, delusional perhaps. Yes, lots of room to grwo with this one!

  4. They’re both victims – that comes through really strongly. Your story gives a succinct snapshot of the constrictions at both levels of society. Perhaps it also shows that if you were female, even being in the upper level of society didn’t mean much for personal liberty.

  5. I like how you left this story so open to interpretation and how you managed to suggest so much about the psychology and history of the characters with such quick “brush-strokes” 🙂

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