Field Trip – Friday Fictioneers

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“Now, these did not fly,” the guide said. “They would roll the individual along the ground, which took time and used large amounts of fossil fuels, which polluted the environment…”

“God, these field trips are boring”, she whispered to her friend. “I’ve been to this planet every year since 3rd grade, and it’s always lame!”

Her friend giggled, “I know! I hate this place. I bet the humans died off out of sheer boredom! Plus it smells sooo bad!”

“You may notice the air is toxic, this is due to pollutants from the various fossil fuels,” the guide said.

The girls plugged their noses.

The guide went on, “It’s a perfect lesson on the importance of taking care of your environment. Now let’s visit a waste dump.”

The girls collectively rolled their eyes.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories inspired by a photo that Rochelle Wisoff Fields posts every week.  This week’s photo courtesy of Ted Strutz .

25 thoughts on “Field Trip – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Lovely technique, Rachel, using the story of a school field trip by aliens to tell the story of the end of humanity on earth. Super-ambitious for 100 words, but you accomplished it perfectly. Kudos!

  2. Clever story, and so true. Whether the field trip is to a wasted earth in the future, or to Auschwitz or Hiroshima today–very little is learned.

  3. Earth again? How lame! And how they stupidly destroyed their planet so a few rich people could have more short term profits – they deserved to die. I hope the next field trip is to that cool planet over in the Ursae Majoris neighborhood…

  4. Very nice piece of writing! In just 100 words you have put forth a very important lesson to ponder about – our mindless pursuit of so-called ‘development’ is destroying the environment that supports us!

  5. Sometime in a future date, earth has become an intergalactic tourist attraction for things that should not be done. Nice message.

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