A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend – Friday Fictioneers


She knelt down fast, snagging her stockings on the old hard woods and swearing as she placed her cheek to the cold floor, “Tinky! Tinky-Kitty, where are you?” she said, peering under the sofa. Her heart beat faster and her cheeks flushed as she stood up and looked at the clock… already 15 minutes late! “Tinky!” she yelled. She rushed to her bedroom and snagged her other stockinged knee as she searched under the bed. “Tinky!” She screamed this time, sitting up and wiping cool beads of sweat from her brow.

Below the bedroom window, Tinky heard his name. But as he had already eaten breakfast, he settled himself on the back of her scooter for a nice relaxing morning nap.

Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories inspired by a photo that Rochelle Wisoff Fields posts every week.  This week’s photo courtesy of https://ceayr.com/ .

42 thoughts on “A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I didn’t even notice the cat when I started my story. I used to have a cat who would disappear for days. I used to think one day she just wouldn’t come back. You’ve definitely captured that aggravation here.

  2. Tinky knows what’s what. Human has supplied breakfast. Now ignore human until lunch time 🙂
    And how weird is this – I didn’t even see the cat until I read your story. I’d make a rubbish police officer!

  3. That is sooo appropriate. I spent an anxious evening recenty wondering why the cat hadn’t come home, only to see her emerge from a cupboard at bedtime. You got that cat perfectly.

  4. That made me laugh and it is sooo true. Our cat normally goes outside in the morning and comes back ten minutes later to eat breakfast. One morning when we had to go somewhere… hours later he comes swaggering inside. LOL.

  5. Dear Rachel,

    If that isn’t the attitude of a cat I don’t know what is. I love the way you wrote the contrasts between the frantic owner and the cool detached cat. Well done.



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