A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend – Friday Fictioneers


She knelt down fast, snagging her stockings on the old hard woods and swearing as she placed her cheek to the cold floor, “Tinky! Tinky-Kitty, where are you?” she said, peering under the sofa. Her heart beat faster and her cheeks flushed as she stood up and looked at the clock… already 15 minutes late! “Tinky!” she yelled. She rushed to her bedroom and snagged her other stockinged knee as she searched under the bed. “Tinky!” She screamed this time, sitting up and wiping cool beads of sweat from her brow.

Below the bedroom window, Tinky heard his name. But as he had already eaten breakfast, he settled himself on the back of her scooter for a nice relaxing morning nap.

Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories inspired by a photo that Rochelle Wisoff Fields posts every week.  This week’s photo courtesy of https://ceayr.com/ .

It’s my first time…

Finally published!!! After lots of hard work and writing and research, Foliate Oak published my tiny little flash fiction story, No Need For Tommy Guns. It’s in their December 2014 edition, but last fall/holidays were pretty awful and crazy for me, this is the first chance I’ve had to celebrate it.

You can check it out here: http://www.foliateoak.com/rachel-bjerke.html




Sometimes I get sad, when I think about my old, dented, un-cool car, and my ratty clothes. I feel bad that I only have one child (even though people think I should have two), I get depressed when I think I’ll never be rich, I’ll never be famous, I’ll never drive a ferrari.

And then I see the sprinkler—the one my daughter plays in—and I think of the gallons of clean, drinkable water that I am wasting just so my daughter can play.

And I remember that millions of people haul their water on their backs for miles, I remember that millions of people drink water scraped from muddy, diseased puddles. I remember that factories dump toxic chemicals upstream from untold numbers of human being’s drinking water, that water in some places will kill you, that some children don’t bathe, don’t brush their teeth, don’t drink their water because they know it will make them sick, and millions of others are literally dying for clean water. I remember that even in my own country clean water isn’t abundant everywhere. Clean water is a treasure denied to billions…

…and my daughter has the privilege of running through streams of clean water, just for fun, just for nonsense, just to make her smile.

And then I can’t think of a single thing to be sad about.